Many people are watching our live broadcast on the website, because they do not have Facebook. So we stream the 11:00 Facebook LIVE video to our website. (LIVE page) If the live video has recorded music or another video in it, Facebook often blocks it from being streamed outside Facebook.

For example, if we play a VBS promo or a presentation with copyrighted music/songs, usually Facebook blocks it from our website. On our Facebook page, they may mute the sound.

What can I do to see the video?

    • If you begin the video immediately when it goes live, sometimes it will play completely. If you leave the page or refresh, Facebook may block it.
    • Click “Watch on Facebook” near the bottom of the black screen and choose “Not Now” when asked to sign in. You should be able to see the video.
    • We try to post the vimeo video later in the day on the home page.

Is there a solution to the problem?

We pay for licenses that should protect us from problems of this kind. However, we’ve submitted requests to Facebook to review our licenses but still get blocked.

What other options are available to me?

We have CDs of the sermons in the church office. Call to check when they are available to be picked up.

Is there anything more that we can do for you? Please call or email us.

FB Video Not Available