Life Group Bible StudiesLife Groups are Bible study groups that are offered for four to eight weeks at a time. These are periodically offered throughout the year on campus or at different homes with different teachers.

Some of the subjects offered include:

    • Book studies from Scripture
    • People in the Bible
    • Men’s group – Barnabus Group
    • Finances according to Scripture
    • Marriage & relationships
    • Precepts from the Bible
    • Biblical living principles
    • Grace based parenting
    • Sharing the Gospel
    • The whole Bible in 30 sessions
    • Men’s group – 33 series
    • The truth project
    • The history of Israel and the Jews
    • The truth about dinosaurs
    • Homes of honor
    • Membership at FBC

There are many Life Groups being offered currently in 2020 with others scheduled to begin soon.
Life Groups are a great way to study Scripture in a comfortable, informal, small group setting.

Contact the church office for more information about hosting, leading, or attending Life Groups at FBC Dunnellon.

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truth about dinosaurs class
The Truth about Dinosaurs