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Life Groups

Life Groups are Bible study groups that are offered for four to eight weeks at a time. These are periodically offered throughout the year on ampus or at different homes with different teachers.

Some of the subjects offered include:

            Book studies from Scripture
            People in the Bible
            Finances according to Scripture
            Marriage & relationships
            Precepts from the Bible
            Biblical living principles
            Grace based parenting
            Sharing the Gospel
            The whole Bible in 30 sessions
            Men's group - 33 series
            The truth project
            The history of Israel and the Jews
            The truth about dinosaurs
            Homes of honor
            Membership at FBC

There are many "Life Groups" being offered currently in with others scheduled to begin soon.
Life Groups are a great way to study Scripture in a comfortable, informal, small group setting.

Contact the church office for more information about "Life Groups" at FBC Dunnellon.

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