Get Help at First Baptist Church of Dunnellon ...

Help Have you every cried out to God, "HELP!" ... I am convinced this is one of God's favorite moments in our lives. It is the moment where we finally agree with Him that our lives are unmanageable in isolation. In other words we accept the fact that we cannot navigate through life alone ... we are not in control, and we need help.

At First Baptist Church there are several helps available to you:

1. Marriage help is available to you through the ministry of a "Three Cord Strand." Couples are able to talk to other couples, and individuals are able to talk to others who have been where they are now in relationship difficulties.

2. Addiction help is available to you through the 12 step group that meets weekly, and referrals are available from Minister Bill on a confidential basis at the church office (352-489-2730).

3. Financial peace is available to you on a cyclical basis through the Crown financial Bible study group. You can contact the church office to find out more details on the Crown ministry.

Other kinds of helps are also available to you by contacting the church office at 352-489-2730. These include but are not limited to: Confidential counseling on an individual basis, referrals to professionals and organizations, prayer assistance, and other kinds of ministry.

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