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Biblical Financial Study Online

The Money Life personal finance study is now available online. Join faithful stewards from around the world in a global Crown study! The study will help you in overcoming financial challenges to gain a life of meaning and purpose. What an exciting opportunity to participate in this life changing study alongside saints from every corner of the globe and in different economic and life circumstances! Join in for a 6 week journey studying scripture in an online community. Click here for more information!

This 6 week edition teaches more than practical financial principles—it teaches the successful combination of God’s wisdom along with practical principles. This teaching strategy treats more than the practical symptoms of financial bondage—it creates a long-term transformation of the heart. This is the most effective way to find biblically based answers to one’s financial questions and difficulties.

Crown’s most recent church survey reveals that typical life group members increase their giving, reduce their debt, increase their savings, and strengthen their marriages during and after the life group experience.

And, this is what you will experience during the study –

          You will learn what Scripture teaches about managing all of your possessions—not just money.
          Due to the 6-week group setting, you will develop lifelong relationships with other Christians.
          Key Scripture verses will be memorized each week, and you will learn a biblical approach to creating a spending plan, establishing a debt reduction plan, and managing your resources through practical exercises and accountability.
          And more!

The latest features that enhance this 6-week experience include –

• More Practical Application Content – More content is provided on the topics of insurance, investing, and more.
• All-New Practical Application Videos – New videos create a better life group experience, and additional supporting video content is featured each week.
• Life Group Web site – A new support site for life group members and leaders gives instant access to online study tools
• Crown Money Map Journey – The popular Crown Money Map™ has been integrated into each week of the study. These principles can be applied during the 6-week experience, and long after the life group study is over.

Topics covered in the online study include:
          Getting Out of Debt
          Earning Money
          Training Children

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